The ethnic Chinese jewelry designer Anna Hu had presented the latest jewelry series in 2010. That is Turandot series that caught the eyes from international jewelry collectors and fans. As an artist who had accepted training of strict classic music, music was Anna Hu’s innovative source of inspiration.

In Turandot Series jewelry, you can well feel traditional and classic styles. Turandot is an opera that tells a Chinese legendary story that imagined by a westerner. The love story makes Anna Hu use her art talent to make symbolic jewelry. The princess image in Turandot is embodied by green, azure blue and red and black colors to mould. In the design, they are in accordance with designs trend and to be used curved lines to express Art Deco features. For instance, the delicate ring of Turandot is in the traditional design, while it does more stylish on its center emerald design. The emerald is polished into a oval shape and there is a small hole in it so as to inlay a tiny ruby. The green and red colors make a gorgeous effect and it also can make you in shiny gloss.

Turando Ring

And the jewelry well shows the Chinese classic air and superlative beauty in western haute custom jewelry. There is a very striking point that every piece of jewelry in Turandot series has top artistry so that is worthwhile to collect. Beside, in adaptation of gemstones, almost every gemstone has deeply symbolism.

Turando jewelry
Turando ring omnibearing show

The gorgeous pendants are also amde by these colorful gemstones. They will look like magic stones you can see in movies. So, they can give you a sense of mystery when you sway them in front of your eyes.

Turando Pendant

In Turandot Series jewelry, there are four kinds of gemstones used into jewelry can be regarded as symbolization to express astonishing and exquisite beauty of Anna Hu. There is sapphire, ruby and emerald and black agate. In her design, sapphire symbolizes hope and ruby is the best reflect of blood. And emerald is regarded as love from prince and the black agate is sculptured as “ruyi” shape that is one of the Chinese classic symbolic totems and it refers to power of the Turandot princess.

The ear nails are made by apphire,emerald and ruby and make out round shapes that look like flower buds. These ear nails are suitable to your short hair and can make you looked more trained. And you can wear them in accordance with your dresses color styles.

Turando Earstud

The earrings are used the four elements and they are made just into “ruyi” shapes that they are made a flower shape at the black emerald pin end and colorful gemstones beads are clustered together just like Chinese red lanterns hung in festival. These long style earrings can make you more elegant.

Turando earrings